RESACON 2021: Get More Business from Real Estate Agents - Marianne Cherico

RESACON 2021: Get More Business from Real Estate Agents - Marianne Cherico

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Whether you are marketing to Real Estate Agents online or selling to them in
person, understanding how to convey the value that you bring is a game changer.

In fact, it has become more and more important to fine tune your marketing
message so that your Ideal Real Estate Agent Clients (IREAC) can clearly see
what is in it for them when they work with YOU!

I have built my staging business since 2005 by getting over 95% of my business from Real Estate Agents. They have consistently referred me for all kinds of staging and design jobs through the years. As a former Real Estate Agent (for 27 years) I understand what makes them “tick” and that helps inform the way that I communicate with them, both online and off.

In this session we will talk about the “real benefits” you have to offer agents and how to convey them so they choose you.

Hint: It is not what many stagers think it is…..


  1. Gain more confidence when speaking to Real Estate agents.

  2. Learn how to get into the subconscious mind of your IREAC so that they
    see why working with you helps them build their business.

  3. Formulate a crystal clear profile of who your IREACs are – (this informs all
    of your marketing).

  4. Get stats that will help you demonstrate why agents should care about
    partnering with you (these are stats that others aren’t using).

  5. Work on a simple messaging formula that helps you to stand out in your
    IREACs minds.

  6. Get email samples and subject lines that speak to Real Estate Agents on
    a deeper level.

  7. Learn how to sell your staging services without being sales-y.

  8. Create an action plan to get in front of more IREACs.

*This is a digital product. Upon purchase, you will receive be emailed a PDF with how to access this session as well as any handouts from the speaker that goes with this session*

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