Core Training

RESA partners with the 'best of the best' in home staging training. Our training providers are huge fans of RESA members and we strongly encourage stagers to refer to a RESA Training Provider for core training.

RESA Accredited Training Providers

RESA Accredited Training Providers have been reviewed by RESA® to ensure they meet a minimum standard of educational requirements determined by RESA®.

Certified Staging Professionals:
Since 2005, CSP® has discovered that the most powerful way to learn professional staging skills is through a live, in-person, intensive training that provides hands-on know-how within a group of your peers for a shared mastermind experience.

CSP® continues to lead the staging training industry with a three-day in-person intensive classroom experience that is married with online study from the comfort of your own home. Learn more here

Home Staging Resource: 
HSR believes that having the "eye for design" necessary for staging a home to sell is not something that can be taught in a three-day home staging training class. You either "have it" or you don't. Our members "have it" and are people who have been formally or informally studying the interior decorating field all of their lives, have a passion and natural talent for transforming interiors, and are the "decorating gurus" for friends and family. Learn more here

Staging Studio:
You can do this! Staging Studio's courses are jam-packed with everything you need to be a staging phenomenon. The courses are presented in a clear, concise, and fun format, so you will be prepared for your first client! Effective staging begins with the principles of interior design. Speak to your clients with confidence when you possess expert skills and knowledge. Learn more here

The Decorologist:
Staging real estate for a dozen years, professional home stager Kristie Barnett has developed a unique system and mindset for staging properties to sell called Psychological Staging™. This method has earned her both local and national Home Staging Awards and has made The Decorologist® one of the most well-known staging experts in the country. This course will teach you a whole new way of thinking about home staging and set you up to apply advanced staging techniques to any residential property. You will leave the course as a confident, certified Expert Psychological Stager™. Learn more here


5-Figure Floor Plan:
Starting a new business can feel daunting.You don’t know what you don’t know. The legalities of running a home staging business, the necessity of insurance and a contract, all the moving pieces. What you don’t know can cost you a lot, can keep you stuck and afraid to move forward. Imagine this… Having confidence in your home staging business, having the information and resources to be successful even though you are just starting out!

Learn the language to backup your decisions (on pricing, on staging decisions, etc.) when you speak with prospective staging clients without feeling the intimidation or unsure of yourself. Learn more here.