2023 State of the Home Staging Industry Report by RESA®
2023 State of the Home Staging Industry Report by RESA®
2023 State of the Home Staging Industry Report by RESA®
2023 State of the Home Staging Industry Report by RESA®

2023 State of the Home Staging Industry Report by RESA®

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The 2023 State of the Home Staging Industry Report, brought to you by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), is a comprehensive and essential resource for anyone in the home staging industry. This report is packed with up-to-date, data-driven insights and trends that are crucial for staging professionals looking to elevate their business, stay ahead of the curve, and make informed decisions in a dynamic market.


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What's Inside:

Demographic Analysis:
Dive deep into the demographic makeup of the industry, exploring age ranges, geographic locations, business structures, and years in business. Understand who your peers are and how they're shaping the staging landscape.

    Service Breakdown:
    Get detailed insights on a variety of staging services, including occupied staging, vacant staging, redesign, virtual staging, and consultation services. Learn about the fees, overhead costs, and the return on investment for each service type.

    Inventory Management:
    Uncover trends in inventory spending, acquisition, lifespan, and storage solutions. Find out what items stagers are investing in and how they manage their inventory effectively.

      Financial and Operational Metrics:
        • Gross Revenue Trends: The report presents a year-by-year analysis of home stagers' gross revenue, offering a clear view of the industry's financial growth and stability over recent years​​.
        • Project Success Metrics: Gain insights into the percentage of staging projects that received multiple offers, reflecting the direct impact of staging on real estate sales​​.
        • Operating Costs: Understand the average monthly operating costs for stagers, a critical aspect for budgeting and financial planning in your business​​.
        • Financial Planning and Cash Flow: Learn about the proportion of stagers who have a financial plan or strategy, and the commonality of cash flow issues, highlighting areas for improvement in financial management​​.
        • Financial Confidence and Tracking: Discover how stagers rate their confidence in managing business finances and the correlation between confidence and regular tracking of key financial metrics like ROI, profit margin, and average project revenue​​.
        • Contractual Practices and Rental Terms: Explore the variety of deposit fees required by stagers and the contractual practices prevalent in the industry, including the average additional months of rental needed beyond initial contracts​

        HR and Payroll Insights
        •  Workforce Composition: The report examines the balance between W2 employees and independent contractors in the staging industry, offering insights on current employment trends.

        • Employee Benefits: It provides an overview of health benefits and vacation policies within the sector, highlighting the varied approaches to employee welfare.

        • Pay Scale Analysis: Discover the ranges of compensation for key roles such as lead stagers, staging assistants, and warehouse managers, giving you a benchmark for competitive salary structures.

        • Bookkeeping Practices: Gain an understanding of how stagers manage their bookkeeping, whether in-house or through external professionals.

        • External Services Cost: The report also touches on the costs associated with hiring outside services like movers, crucial for budgeting and financial planning.

        Marketing Insights:
        • Learn which marketing platforms are most effective for generating leads and the importance of maintaining an online presence in today's digital age.


        Bonus Material: Canva Template on National Home Staging Stats As a special bonus, each purchase includes an exclusive Canva Template. This visual tool showcases compelling national statistics that underscore the effectiveness of home staging, providing you with a powerful asset for your Instagram page.

        Why You Need This Report:

        • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest trends and statistics in the home staging industry.
        • Gain Competitive Edge: Leverage the data and insights to refine your business strategy and stand out in the market.
        • Maximize ROI: Use the financial and operational insights to streamline your business and increase profitability.
        • Enhance Marketing Efforts: Utilize the Canva template and marketing insights to attract and retain clients more effectively.

        Elevate your home staging business to new heights with the 2023 State of the Home Staging Industry Report. Get your copy today and start transforming your approach with the power of industry-leading data!

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Laurie Cote
        So easy to use.

        I was easily able to find, pay for and download the Industry Report. I really enjoyed reading it.

        Wild Willow Interiors
        Necessary For All Stagers

        Thorough and informative report.

        Joya Fields
        Useful information

        Great information that I can use when talking with realtors and running my business. Interesting facts and I especially like the actions taken by RESA in reference to home stagers' answers--the contracts that are now available in response to many stagers not having a good one.

        Christine Rae

        great perspectives of Stager challenges, where our industry is and going

        Darlene Belleau
        Bonus Canva Template

        i couldn't find the canva template that goes along with the report Is it embedded in the report?

        Hello Darlene, on page 23 you can find a QR code which says 'Scan for Canva Template' if you use your cell phones camera to scan that it will open up the template. We are happy to assist if you run across any problems. Other than this we hope you've found the report valuable!