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Join The Real Estate Industry's Largest Network of continuing education  Staging Instructors and teach the “Staging to Sell, What Every Agent Should Know”, proprietary designation class that can only be taught through RESA, by RESA Approved Instructors.

RESA instructors are viewed as experts and leaders. As part of this elite group, you will become a leading influencer in the real estate industry.

RESA Approved Instructors are qualified to teach the Staging to Sell, What Every Agent Should Know designation course. They are also allowed to issue MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) course to real estate agents in the following states:

3 Credit Hours & RESA-CSA Designation In:  CO, CT, DC, GA, OR, FL, MO, NV, NH, OH, TN, TX, VA, WA

4 Credit Hours & RESA-CSA Designation In:  NC

1 Credit Hours & RESA-CSA Designation In: NJ 

RESA-CSA Designation Only- All other states and Canada. 

If your state is not listed for credits please let us know, we are happy to apply to your state.

All agents who complete the course earn the RESA-CSA Designation. Canadian course information please click here. 

Teaching generally takes place through local associations of REALTORS®, brokerages, and sponsors like title companies and mortgage lenders. 

Benefits of Becoming a RESA Approved Instructor

  1. Potential clients will view you as an expert. 
  2. Grow your business through teaching.
  3. Change the way real estate staging is viewed on your local level.
  4. PR opportunities.
  5. Create strategic relationships with key industry professionals.
  6. Potential income generator. Charge up to $35.00 per agent.
  7. Position yourself as the local expert.
  8. Added exposure to your target audience, agents.


Must be a RESA-PRO®

Length of Program and Outcome:

This is a 3-hour designation course for real estate professionals.

Outcome: A real estate professional completing this class will understand:

  • How to avoid the risk of breach of duty and negligence claims by offering staging as an optional resource to their clients

  • How to protect their clients from litigation by knowing what questions to ask a stager

  • How to use home staging to reduce disclosure issues

  • Standard staging contract clauses

  • The cost and value of home staging, ROI factors

  • Importance of leveraging marketing efforts with staging, photos and Internet presence

  • How buyers think and how staging influences them to buy

  • Home staging statistics and facts

  • How to collaborate with a home stager

  • Course comes with over 50 staging tips that agents can use immediately

  • How the entire pre-market staging process will benefit your client and secure your relationship as a true advocate for their best interest

  • The common contract clauses that professional stagers use

  • Course comes with over 50 staging tips that agents can use immediately

Note: This course does NOT teach agents how to stage.

    Step One

    Required with your application:
    • Your resume, showing public speaking experience.
    • Professional bio or one sheet.
    • A speaker demo. If you don’t have one, set up a webcam or video camera and give a 5-10 minute monologue on the subject of staging. The monologue should be as if you were teaching directly to agents. You may choose to do your monologue on how an agent can change their listing presentation script by adding home staging or explaining the benefits of home staging to an agent.

    Step Two

    Once your application is approved, you will be directed to the Train the Trainer course at no additional fee.

    The Train the Trainer course is compiled of 10 chapters. Each chapter is followed by a short quiz. The course is designed to educate you on how real estate MCE works and how to teach the course. You will be on a guided tour of the course chapter by chapter. You will be given verbiage to use as well as where you can add your personal anecdotal stories and where to add your own staging photos.

    Step Three

    After you have completed your training you will receive the course materials you will be approved to teach the course. 

    Course Materials Include:

    • Staging to Sell What Every Agent Should Know Course in Two PowerPoint presentations. One presentation includes additional information on the slides to help you learn the presentation. The other presentation has less information on the slides and is used for teaching. The class is 10 chapters and 3-hours in length. NC the course is 4-hours.
    • Changing Your Listing Presentation Script- A handout for agents.
    • Timed outline.
    • Advertising template.
    • We will professionally brand your instructor bio to help promote you as the expert instructor in your area.
    • Content to use to market your class on your website.
    • After you are approved, you will receive more information.

     Annual Support:

    • RESA HQ is here to coach you through the process.
    • We handle all back-end compliance which includes uploading your rosters into the state system, so your students will receive their credits.
    • RESA HQ will market your classes through the national RESA calendar.
    • RESA Approved Instructor dedicated forum.
    • RESA HQ is like your personal virtual assistant. 

    System Requirements

    1. PowerPoint to teach the material.
    2. The Internet to take the Train The Trainer Class.

    Compliance per state is required and will be monitored by RESA. All compliance rules will be provided to the instructor and are not hard to follow. Failure to comply will result in revocation of Instructor's Approved status. Must maintain RESA-PRO® membership in order to retain your RESA Approved Instructor status.


    1. $349.00 initial sign up fee
    2. $199.00 annual renewal



    Karen EubankRESA's Staging to Sell 3-hour class has been a valuable tool in Dallas to create greater visibility and credibility for our profession. Realtors are required to have a specific number of hours in order to maintain their licenses. Most of the courses they have to take are dry and dull so when they have the opportunity to take a class like Staging to Sell they are genuinely delighted to not only learn something new, but to also have fun doing so!  Having taught this over several years it's been gratifying to see more and more hands raise in class when I ask " How many of you have used a stager before?" We've seen a very large increase in just the last year which means the message is getting out!
    The best way to build your own professional visibility and credibility is to become the local authority in your area. There is no better way to do this than by teaching a class where a  Realtor can receive credit. I encourage all stagers to improve their local profile by providing the RESA Staging to Sell class. You will become the "face" of staging in your area and a reliable resource for all Realtors. Karen Eubank, RESA Approved Instructor of the Year 2016.
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