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We all have questions about warehousing our inventory. Whether you are storing your inventory in your garage, have a storage unit or a warehouse, we all need help figuring out the best way to manage all that inventory. Here's lots of tried-and-true help gleaned from years of hands on experience in warehousing inventory.

You will Learn

* How to organize your storage or warehouse
* How to store and transport art
* How to protect your inventory during transport

About Michell Minch:

I started staging in 2006 when an interior design client asked me to help get her home prepared to sell. The house sold in 6 weeks when other homes in that market were taking 6 months to a year to sell. A neighbor, who was a real estate agent, asked me to help her with her listing which had been on the market for several weeks. I staged it with a teeny tiny budget and it sold during the next open house. A light bulb went on in my head and a stager was born. I've staged thousands of homes since, with list prices from $250,000-$13,000,000. My company, Moving Mountains Design, inhabits an 8,000 sq.ft. warehouse in the Los Angeles market.

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