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This is the perfect addition to any home stagers marketing plan.  Marketing to home owners is made simple with the complete home owner marketing workshop.

Workshop Includes:

  • 74-Page Power Point Workshop
  • Directions and tips on how to hold a successful workshop
  • How to Live in a Staged Home Handout for Your Attendees
  • Six Week Moving Checklist Handout for Your Attendees
  • Home Showing Checklist Handout for Your Attendees

Home stagers can now market their consultations as a workshop for home owners. Marketing your expertise as a home stager to home owners has never been easier.

  1. Post a workshop schedule on your website.
  2. Let your agents know about the workshop.
  3. Tell home owners about the workshop as an alternative to an in-person consultation.
  4. Insert your own photos.

Imagine doing a workshop for several clients at one time and getting paid! Instead of traveling to 3-4 clients homes, have them all come to you.  Clients come to the workshop with photos of their property and email them to you ahead of time so you can insert into the presentation.