Team Building To Grow Your Home Staging Business
Staging and Redesign

Team Building To Grow Your Home Staging Business

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 In this one hour webinar attendees will learn: 

- Identify the skills and functions needed to create your dream team

- Determine a staffing structure that maximizes productivity and profit

- Maximize the effectiveness of your Independent Contractor Agreement

- Recognize the optimal time to hire members.

- Recognize the advantage of working with newly-certified and experienced stagers

- Enhance how you recruit, train, compensate, and retain team members

- Enhance your company by working with external groups and resources

- Recognize the importance of maintaining your team's tools for success

- Follow the best practices of team building

About Staging & Redesign: 
Staging and Redesign (SAR) was founded by Melissa Marro in Charleston, SC. Marro opened First Impressions Staging & Redesign in 2005.  The business grew quickly, within the first year grossing over $185,000 in sales. Needing help, but seeing little in the way of qualified staging training, Marro decided to add training to her services.  Within the first year of training, Staging & Resign, was listed as one of the top 15 training companies in North America.

Today it boasts 10 of the most qualified, successful and respected home stagers across North America, including celebrity instructor Matthew Finlason – now an icon in the industry for his role on the hit HGTV show, The Stagers.