How to Expand Your Business into Holiday Design!
How to Expand Your Business into Holiday Design!
How to Expand Your Business into Holiday Design!
How to Expand Your Business into Holiday Design!
Audra Slinkey

How to Expand Your Business into Holiday Design!

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A Step-by-Step Process that Will WOW Clients!

Do you want to grow your staging and redesign business during the slower holiday season?  Do you want to connect with a higher end clientele for design?  Do you love the holidays and holiday decorating? 

Then this step-by-step, one-hour training video on, “Expanding Your Business to Holiday Design” training video is for you!

 Why Holiday Design? 

  • It’s fun.
  • It fulfills a need.
  • It attracts a higher-end clientele.
  • Similar to staging/design it’s impossible for people to be objective about their holiday “stuff.”
  • You save clients’ money by repurposing!
  • A good hedge to the spring/summer staging market.
  • Not hard to market if you know how.
  • Easily leads to much broader projects and higher-end referrals.
  • Just 4 Short Consultations provides an extra $1000 to your business.

Why Holiday Design? 

  • Your “Homework” Ahead of Time in Preparation.
  • Defining the Client’s Holiday Style – 8 Styles to Pick From.
  • Repurposing Current Décor for a Brand New Look.
  • What to Bring to Maximize Income/Impact and Your Retail Sales.
  • Setting Expectations with Your Client and a Simple Process to Follow.
  • Holiday Design Services and Pricing Model – Price Sheet Form Provided.
  • Key Questions to Ask in the Phone Interview – Pre-Appointment Form Provided.
  • How to Market Your New Service Easily and Affordably – Simple Ad and Direct Mail Ideas/Examples given.

One Hour Video Training Includes these forms in word for your business use: 

  • Holiday Design FAQ – Tweak this for your website verbiage and SEO
  • Holiday Design Services and Pricing Example – Stair-stepped pricing that sets expectations
  • Holiday Design – Pre-Appointment Interview Form (get a read on your client ahead of time)
  • Holiday Design Intro Email – Easy email template to send to client’s once you have appointment on the books.  This sets the expectation and gets your client excited about the process.
  • Holiday Design Idea Websites and Sources to Inspire You
  • Two Ad Ideas for Mail-Outs, Facebook, local magazines, etc…

About Audrey Slinkey: 

Audra Slinkey is President and Founder of the Home Staging Resource, an advanced and RESA Accredited home staging and redesign training company.  Audra has had the privilege of personally mentoring and training over 4,000 staging and design professionals in the past ten years and has always been a huge supporter of RESA and the staging industry!

Audra is a regular speaker at the RESA Conferences and has won the RESA Innovator of the Year Award two times.  Audra served as Vice President of RESA for two years and is a regular contributor and blogger for the National Association of Realtors, Styled, Staged and Sold blog.