50 Measurements Every Decorator and Stager Should Know

50 Measurements Every Decorator and Stager Should Know

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 Arranging furniture, hanging art, lighting or drapes, and so much more come with rule of thumb numbers every pro should know.  

This class is 60-minutes and will teach you:

  • How high to hang the art
  • Countertop and Table Heights
  • Where do light switches belong 
  • Core Numbers Everyone Should Know
  • Area Rugs done Right
  • Marketing by the numbers 
  • and more...

Bio for JoAnne Lenart-Weary 

JoAnne Lenart-Weary, the Decorating and Staging Coach, has been decorating and staging professionally for 40 years. She offers not only success and business coaching but also project and client coaching to help you get the job done confidently and creatively.

She helps you do the work while you take the credit. JoAnne has appeared on HGTV, was the Queen of Decorating for 5 years for WJET-TV, an ABC affiliate. She founded The Decorating and Staging Academy in 1999 after receiving many requests for professional training. This led to the creation of the Confident Color System, the Confident Consultation System and Professional Interior Decorator Program and so much more.

JoAnne is a frequent national speaker for WCAA, WFCP Visions, Decorating Den, RESA and more. She has been published numerous times in both industry and shelter magazines and is the co-author of "The Decorator's Reference and Resource Guide."

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