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How do buy wholesale?

Why do you buy wholesale?

Let’s face it, buying wholesale can seem like an intimidating process when you have never done it. 

Market centers are in huge buildings or spread out over a large area. Where do you go?  Then there is the terminology! What’s a minimum, a line, an opening, and a receiving warehouse? How do you decode the pricing? What if you can’t get to a market center during market? It can all seem overwhelming so you just keep paying retail. 


This course is for BEGINNERS. It will break down the details about wholesale shopping and create a comfort level so you can shop until you drop —and save a ton of money!

You will learn:
Why to purchase wholesale
What to purchase wholesale
How to purchase wholesale
What a resale tax permit is and how to obtain it.
How to fill out an application to shop at a market center.
Buyers qualifications for purchasing wholesale.
What a market center application looks like and how to fil it out.
Showroom etiquette and vocabulary.
Pricing information.
Market resources.
Getting your items: Delivery and warehouse information.
How to navigate a typical market center.
Hot tips!


About Karen Eubank:

Karen Eubank segued into staging in 1995 while running a successful photo styling business, working with major advertising companies, national magazines, and internationally recognized photographers.

Karen is the staging expert for the National Association of Realtors radio program Real Estate Today. She was instrumental in ensuring Texas was the first state to accept the RESA Staging to Sell class and is one of the accredited teachers in the state.

 Karen graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in journalism. In addition to her photo styling and staging careers, she has continued to write for major corporations, magazines, and advertising agencies. She is a staff writer with the award-winning real estate blog, Candy’s Dirt, as the staging and luxury homes.

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