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 Learn how to create a brand that will speak to your audience and how to define and reach your target market.  This course is perfect for business owners who want to put the right message in front of the right audience to build their client base and convert more sales.  This is fundamental marketing education for any business and relevant for any type of marketing you do.  If you are new to business, you can set yourself up well by understanding how to connect your brand with your ideal audiences in a way that will resonate for them.  If you have been in business for years, now is a great time to revisit the core of your marketing plan and make sure it is still working for you!

This course includes a video presentation about how to build your brand and reach your target market.  It also includes the slide deck of this presentation plus two worksheets for you to use to start Defining Your Target Markets for your business.  Finally, I have thrown in a walkthrough video to give you some tips and tricks for those worksheets!


About Melissa:

Melissa is the founder of Melissa Forziat Events and is an event manager and marketing consultant. Before she started working in marketing and events she was an artistic gymnast for 18 years and competed for Brown University during college.

After retiring from gymnastics, Melissa worked in event planning roles at the 2006 and 2010 Olympic Winter Games, 2011 Rugby World Cup, and US Olympic Committee. She founded Melissa Forziat Events in 2012 and now works with non-profits and small business owners worldwide to develop impactful event and marketing plans. In her spare time, Melissa is a member of the Board of Directors Ventures – a Seattle-based nonprofit that helps low-income entrepreneurs to gain self-sufficiency through business ownership.

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